A World Without Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of Eucharist

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“It is before the Eucharist that man recognizes that he has need of the Other to give him new energies for life’s combats. A world without (Eucharistic) adoration is a world that would be no more than the world of production, which would soon become unbreathable. A world without adoration is not only irreligious — it is inhuman!”

Cardinal Jean-Loius Tauran

Author: mseagrif

My vocation as a Lay Dominican created an insatiable desire to learn, study, live and share my Faith. For more than ten years I led a Prison Ministry program and have spent more than a decade promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Now retired, I aspire to promote zeal for the salvation of souls, awe and amazement for the Holy Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration, and fidelity to the Truths of our Catholic Faith.

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