Eucharistic Revival – Do Not Read This Free Book

I Thirst For Your Love  is a dangerous book – one that will have you looking at our Eucharistic Lord with different eyes and a more welcoming heart.

Be careful. You may not want to read this tome even though it has received the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild.

Why? It can change your life. 

If you are willing to take a chance and cast spiritual caution to the wind click here and get a FREE PDF copy

Maybe the following comments from several readers might give you the courage to click that link:

    “[The author] has written a book full of little reminders as eye-opening as they are stimulating and, in some cases, conscience pricking. We are taken on a journey of considerations surrounding our behavior and attitudes toward Eucharistic Adoration and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the effect of stirring us to spend more time with Our Lord in Adoration and being more focused and attentive at Mass…I think this book needs to be promoted in every parish for the sake of evangelizing ourselves and others.” – Barb Schoeneberger, Catholic Blogger 

    “Tender, earnest, and heartfelt—I Thirst For Your Love is an excellent collection of beautiful poignant Eucharistic reflections. Author Michael Seagriff believes we have lost the sense of the Sacred and offers countless reasons for us to pause and ponder Jesus’ Sacred thirst for our love. I highly recommend this book.” – Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Author, Speaker and ETWN Host.

    “As I was reading [this book] I just kept thinking how urgent is this message. You say it with clarity and charity. Anyone reading this book will not be able to resist the ‘wooing’ of our Saviour to His wounded heart. As a woman, the holy gift of my receptivity resides and is invigorated by His Eucharistic presence. Jesus in the tabernacle is our only hope, quenching His thirst our single aim.” – Anne Costa, Author and Catholic Radio Host.

    “If you have ever wanted to know more about Our Lord Jesus Christ exposed in a monstrance, and referred to as Our Blessed Sacrament, then this book is for you. Michael Seagriff does an excellent job at helping you to understand that it is truly Jesus Christ, Himself, contained in the monstrance, exposed during Adoration. Michael helps the reader to understand why we should be more reverent to the Blessed Sacrament. He also provides suggestions on how we can be more reverent when in Church. The messages from Jesus, contained in this book, taken from In Sinu Iesu (The Journal of a Priest) were beyond powerful. When reading them, I felt like Jesus was talking directly to my heart about what it means to Him to have someone visit with Him in Church. I highly recommend taking this book to Adoration and reading it in Christ’s Presence. The prayers in the Appendices can be recited over and over, at each visit. This book is a gem!” – Virginia Lieto, Author and Catholic Blogger

    “This book is a wake up call to adore God, truly present in the Holy Eucharist and to expand Eucharistic adoration in parishes!  This book inspires greater reverence and respect for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!  It is well written and thoughtful!”  (where you can obtain information or assistance starting, expanding or reviving Eucharistic Adoration in the USA or Canada.)

If you find the book has value, please let me know. Send a link of this post to your family, friends, and parish. Invite them to get their free PDF copy as well. If you prefer a paper copy or Kindle version both are still available here.

Whatever you decide, please take the time to visit our imprisoned Lord. Love Him! Reverence Him!  Quench His Thirst For Your Love!

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