Promote AND Treasure Adoration

“Belief in the Real Presence is an act of faith and a gift from our Lord. That being said, if a pastor does all that he can to teach the truth, to restore and maintain a sense of the sacred within the confines of his Church building, if he properly and regularly catechizes his flock, if his every action evidences his deep seeded belief, sense of awe, amazement in and dependence on the Blessed Sacrament, and if he participates in, promotes and treasures Adoration himself, his parishioners will come to do likewise.

‘If you build it, they will come’ was a punch line in a movie a few years back.

Jesus invites his imperfect creatures to come into His Presence so He can make them more like Himself. Most able bodied persons can find one hour each week to be with their Lord and Savior (even if it is in 10 or 15 minute segments). Many simply choose not to do so. Others find only locked Churches.”

(From I Thirst For Your Love)

3 thoughts on “Promote AND Treasure Adoration

  1. Dear Friend,

    Thank you for your apostolate.

    May we use this quote?

    Could you send us a complementary copy of your book to promote and quote?

    We send out messages to over 5000 parishes and individuals in Canada and the USA promoting and offering assistance establishing, expanding, reviving and maintaining adoration.

    If we then sold any copies would we receive a discount?

    God bless you!

    Lisa 1-800-784-9550
    Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
    PO Box 74511
    270 The Kingsway
    Toronto, ON

    1. Certainly feel free to use this quote. I am happy and humbled to send you complimentary copy and can work with you and other organizations on discounted price. I have two books on the Eucharist -I Thirst For Your Love and Stirring Slumbering Souls 250 Eucharistic Reflecions – both of which have received Seals of Approval from the Catholic Writer’sGuild.I would be happy to call and discuss this matter with you. Just let me know the days and time of day to call.
      God bless you for promoting Adoration.

  2. Three of my books are on the way – I Thirst For Your Love, Stirring Slumbering Souls – 250 Eucharistic Adoration and Pondering Tidbits of Truth, Volume 6. May you find something in these books that touches your heart and stirs your soul. All praise to our Eucharistic Lord waiting patiently and lovingly for us to visit Him!

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