Why Is Jesus IN The Blessed sacrament?

“Why is Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament to cure me. I am ill with the fever of sin; I am covered with wounds; my soul is one hideous leprosy. My physician is here!

He comes, this Good Samaritan, to purify me, to strengthen me, to restore health to my soul.

Oh! How I need it! I have been suffering for so long; the wounds of my sins are so old; the habit of evil is so deeply set in me; and the temptations of every moment inflame these wounds so keenly and fan this fire of sin so unceasingly!

But, O Jesus, say one word, one only word to my soul…as You did to ‘the mother of Simon’s wife…in the grip of a violent fever’; to the centurion for his son desperately ill; to the leper by the wayside…and my soul shall be healed.”

From A Eucharistic Handbook by St. Peter Julian Eymard))

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