Hide Yourself In Me – Part II

“Do you accept to be separated from those whom you love from those who know you and from those who love you in order to lose all save Me and My love?

Yes, Lord Jesus I consent to lose all save Thee for in possessing Thee I will lose nothing and in loving Thee I will be loved by Thee and in that Love find perfect happiness and the grace to love others as Thou hast loved me.

Do you accept to disappear from the eyes of the world and to live hidden in Me as I am hidden in My tabernacles?

Yes, Lord Jesus, I accept the hidden Eucharistic life to which Thou callest me and I desire nothing else.

Know then that today I accept your “Yes” to My plans for you. Because you have given your consent to Me, I give My consent to you. Live henceforth as My adorer hidden in Me and hidden with Me. Seek no other way of life. Your life is henceforth hidden with Me in the Sacrament of My Love and in the glory of the Father. I promise you joy in the secret of My Face and an unending sweetness that is the taste of the Hidden Manna, a sweetness not of this world, but of the next, a sweetness that I gave as a foretaste of heaven to those who drink the bitter chalice of My Eucharistic solitudes on earth. This is the perfection of the life to which I have called you. The time is short. Enter into the life I have prepared for you. Let go of all else. Our life is one: your life in Me and My life in you, in a mystery of hiddenness that glorifies My Father and builds up My Church.”

(Excerpt from Vultus Christi – Hide Yourself in Me)

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