Hide Yourself In Me

“I am a hidden God and those whom I call to adore Me must hide themselves in Me. becoming hidden from the eyes of the world, and hidden even from themselves, having a pure gaze upon Me alone, even as My pure filial gaze is fixed upon My Father in heaven.

Learn what it means to be hidden; it is to be free of preoccupation with yourself, with the opinions of others, and with what the world might say of you or Me. It is to live for Me alone even as I live for the Father.

Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the glory of My Father. Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the bright cloud of the Holy Spirit. Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the sacred specie. Hide yourself in My Heart as I am hidden in the tabernacles of the world, unseen,unknown, and forgotten by men.

I call you to this hidden life because I am the hidden God and because My Eucharistic life in your midst is a hidden life.

Those who would be my Adorers must consent to live in My tabernacle hidden with Me and, at the same time, loving as I love: loving the Father as I love Him, loving souls as I love them, suffering coldness, rejection,misunderstanding and abandonment with me and for Me…

Love My hiddeness and hide yourself in Me. Withdraw from all that solicits your attention, your energy, and your time into the secret of my Eucharistic Face. There will I show you how best to do the things I ask you to do. There I will give you a peace that no one will perturb or take way from you. There I will use you for the sanctification of My priests and for the consolation of my Church.

Do you want this?”

(To be continued)

(Excerpt from Vultus Christi – Hide Yourself in Me)

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