How The Holy Ghost Acts In Holy Communion

holy Spirit

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)


The Holy Ghost was present in Mary not only to receive the divine Word but also to create within her His human soul and form from her blood His most pure Body. That will also be the part He acts in us in our Communions. He it is Who is to make of us other Christs; that is  His particular work. He desires to change us spiritually into Jesus, to make us one being with Him. So far as our bodies are concerned, He gives us participation in the state of Jesus by implanting within us the germ of glory which will make our hearts like unto the glorious Heart of Jesus; and the Spirit of the Word which caused Jesus to rise from the tomb will raise up our bodies to the same glory.

The Holy Ghost establishes unity of sentiment in our souls so that, when Jesus ceases to be with us sacramentally, He will still live in us spiritually. In this way, the Holy Ghost prolongs our Communion, continuing in us the divine life of Jesus.

Just as food, after it has been digested, leaves in our bodies nourishing juices which flow into our members to strengthen them and renew their life, likewise, when the holy Species are consumed and the Sacred Humanity of Jesus is no longer with us, the divinity we received with His Body as food still remains in us. And this divinity not only makes us its temple, but also, like the nourishing fluid in the stomach, acts within us, fortifying all the powers of our souls, feeding it with holy inspirations, with impulses of holy charity, spiritualizing us, divinizing us, changing us into Itself and fulfilling that magnificent utterance…’He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit’.”

(St. Peter Julian Eymard from Holy Communion)

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