Jesus Waits

“Our Lord is always on His altar. He is there before the first visitor. Blessed is he that receives the Savior’s first blessing!

As to sinners, Jesus waits for them in His Sacrament for weeks, and months, and even Years. He stretches out His arms for forty and sixty years to some sinner who finally gives in to His entreaties.

Venite as Me Omens. – ‘Come ye all to me.” Ah! If we could see our Lord’s joy when we come to Him! One would think He is the one Who is interested and gains by it.

Oh! Why should they keep this good Savior waiting so long! Alas! There are some who will never come, or only when carried in a casket; but it will be too late then; they will find only an angry Judge.”

(St. Peter Julian Eymard from The Real Presence)

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