Silence Speaks

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Now there’s a mystery. Silence speaks. Or more accurately, as the twentieth-century ascetic Carlo Carretto says, if we feel uncomfortable in our silence with God, it is a defect of the soul – our pride. So within our acedia, we try to fill in the silence with noise so to speak. Our conscience troubles us, we get bored, we attempt to fill the space with poetry or music, or we simply carry ourselves off to other pursuits.


The most dangerous of these is when we attempt to substitute prayer or labor with something closely aligned to the basic good of each. For instance, if we choose to purchase and read a plethora of spiritual  books in an effort to avoid this great silence of God.”


(Shaun Kenny from “Silence In A Cluttered Age”, published in the July 24 2019 Issue of The Wanderer)



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