Do You Ever Come Back?

How many of us ever come back to Church to visit and talk to Him during the week? When is the last time we spent time in His Presence, just sitting there silently, basking in the invisible but ever-present graces flowing from behind the locked tabernacle doors or from the Sacred and Most Precious monstrance in which He hides Himself humbly behind the Consecrated Host?



The truth is that, to one extent or another, we are all guilty of inattention, indifference and irreverence toward the God Who lives among us and wishes to live within us.


To have the Son of God here with us and not to spend time with Him is the same as telling Him that we are not interested in getting to know or have an intimate relationship with Him and that He is not welcome in our minds, hearts or souls.


(From Introduction to Stirring Slumbering Souls)


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