An Earthly Heaven

Heart-beat“Jesus, who knew the human heart so well, could not bear to see us pine [in this valley of tears] till the end of life, without at least a foretaste of heaven. His love for us suffered at the thought of having to delay so long the full and total gift of Himself to us. And so, in order that our exile might be endurable, that we might enjoy already on earth the inebriating perfume of the purity of paradise, that we might begin even in this place of trial to taste the happiness to be found in the possession of God, to satisfy His love and be our consolation, He created an earthly heaven: the Eucharist.

When we receive the Sacred Host, therefore heaven really comes to us and fills our hearts for all too short a time. Holy Communion is not only a remembrance and a hope, but a divine reality: it is heaven anticipated!”

(From The Holy Eucharist by Father Jose Guadalupe Trevino)
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)





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