When You Approach The Altar – Remember

Christ crucified.rev4

“…the one whom we receive is Jesus who was born of Mary, who lived in Nazareth, who preached to the Jews of Palestine. This is the Good Samaritan; this is He who healed the sick, delivered Mary Magdalene from the devil, raised Lazarus from the dead. This is He Who, wearied, slept in the boat; this is He who was crucified on Calvary, who rose, glorious, from the tomb; this is the mysterious pilgrim on the road to Emmaus who made Himself recognized ‘in the breaking of the bread; this is He Who ascended to heaven, to the right hand of the Father; this is the Eternal High Priest, ever living, who never ceases to pray for us.”

(From Christ in His Mysteries by Blessed Columba Marmion)

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