More Fervent Reception of Holy Communion

Consecrated Host

Strive to avoid, at all costs, the ever-prevalent danger of receiving Holy Communion in a mechanical, perfunctory, routine, flippant, and nonchalant fashion.  The real danger of easy access and availability of Daily Mass and Holy Communion is to simply take the Lord for granted.

In many sacristies, especially in convents of nuns or retreat Houses there is a sign, better yet a “Warning-sign” with the following words:  “Priest, man of God, say this Mass as if it were your first Mass, last Mass and only Mass.”  This should be our approach and attitude if we are in the habit of receiving Holy Communion frequently maybe even on a daily basis—to receive Holy Communion every time as if it were our first Holy Communion, last Holy Communion and only Holy Communion!

Indeed how much more fervent would our reception of Holy Communion be!!!


(From Five Ways To Improve Our Reception Of Holy Communion by Fr. Ed Broom)

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