The Lord Wants To Be With Us Perpetually


Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

“…Jesus waits for us in the Most Blessed Sacrament, in peacefulness, in silence. Yet, His continual Presence is a proclamation in and of Itself. He comes and stays that those blinded by spiritual darkness might see; that those imprisoned by sin might be freed; and that liberty might be granted to the oppressed who bear the shackles of injustice. This is the message of Per­petual Eucharistic Adoration: our Lord wants to be with His people perpetually, that is, night and day unceasingly. A fire of love for Our Eucharistic Lord burns deep within each soul and yearns to come out. We cannot ever be truly happy or full in our relationships with God and one another if Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is not the center, is not the source, and is not the summit of our lives.”

(From Behold The Lamb by Mary Beth Bracy)


One thought on “The Lord Wants To Be With Us Perpetually

  1. Brief, eloquent, and good points.

    Being the sort of nit-picker I am, I’d quibble about the last sentence: because I see my life as extending past my death and particular judgment.

    We have a chapel with (nearly) perpetual adoration in town, where I am scheduled for an hour each week. That’s good, and a summit. But *the* summit, my goal, is being with our Lord in the eternal world that is to come.

    Meanwhile; worshiping, adoring, and receiving, our Lord in the Eucharist is good.

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