Do You Understand How He Feels?

[Imagine kneeling before a tabernacle and hearing Jesus say to you:]


I reside in tabernacles all over the world. I do this because I desire My children to have a living Christ in their midst. Such holiness is available to souls who visit and venerate Me in the Eucharist. I am the cure for every ill. I am the calm for every storm. I am the comfort for every sorrow. Because I intend to lead My children in a more enhanced way, I am going to show you the Life that is enclosed in each tabernacle. My dear ones, if you but knew the value of each and every visit that is made to Me here, there would be crowds all through every day and every night…

…I wish to teach you. Most of all, I wish to love you. Have you ever loved someone passionately, but been rejected? Was your love ever tossed casually back at you? If this has ever happened to you, then you understand how I feel. I am rejected by the majority of humanity. I gave My very life for this humanity, so that their sins would be overlooked and forgotten. Humanity, poor foolish humanity, flings this gift back at My feet, as if to say, “Your gift is worthless. It has no value anymore.” Dearest children, this is ignorance in some cases. Many of these children do not understand that the gift they toss aside is their eternity, their salvation.

(Excerpts from entries dated 8/12/2003 and 8/13/2003, Directions for Our Times (Vol. 2) Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,  Used with permission)

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