Be Enflamed Without Being Consumed

Prayer of St. Simeon the Metaphrastes

O You who graciously give your flesh to me as food,
who are a fire consuming the unworthy:
consume me not, O my creator,

but rather pass through all the parts of my body,
into all my joints, my heart, my soul.

Burn, O Good Lord, the thorns of my transgressions,
cleanse my soul, and purify all my thoughts.
Ever shelter, guard, and keep me in your love.

Chasten me, purify me, control all my passions.
Adorn me, teach me, and enlighten me always.

Burning bush

                  (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Show me how to be a tabernacle of your Holy Spirit,
and in no wise the dwelling-place of sin,
so that from me, your habitation,
and because of the communion of your holy Mysteries,
every evil deed and passion may flee as from fire.

I bring to You all the saints,
especially your pure and most holy Mother
to intercede for me.

O my Christ and my God,
accept their prayers in my favor.
Make me your Child to be a child of light;

for You alone are the sanctification
and the splendor of my soul,
and to You, my God and my Master,
I shall give glory and honor
for ever and ever.  Amen.

“You have vouchsafed me, O Lord,
that this corruptible temple (my human flesh),
should be united to Your holy flesh,
that my blood should be mingled with yours.

“Therefore I am your transparent
and translucent member
I am transported out of myself.

“O Marvel!
I see myself such as I have become:
Fearful and, at the same time,
ashamed of myself;

“I venerate you and I fear you,
And I know not where to shelter
now how to use these new,
dreadful and divinized members …

“I who am but straw,
receive the fire and I am enflamed
without being consumed,
as of old the burning bush of Moses.”

(St. Simeon the New Theologian as cited by Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament)

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