Come To The Tabernacle


St. Joseph Tabernacle 2

If you want to experience true peace, come to the Tabernacle. Oh, what love you will feel, My Father waits for you. He waits until you are ready to sit and honor His Son.  He waits for you to open your heart: to believe He is there, so that He can give you the warmth of His Love and His Peace.  For if you believe I am there, all things are possible.  What happened?  Your families before you, honored Me.  They sat with Me: talked with Me.  Churches were full, and because of their love for Me, and the one who sent Me, they did all they could for my Church.

A lot has happened in the last 30 [40+] years.  I am the same God, yet there is no reverence for Me or my Son.  You come with your hands in your pockets, not folded in prayer; children eat, laugh and play in the real presence of my Son.  Some look away, as if they don’t know what to do; most don’t know who I am.  Come to the Tabernacle and learn who I am.  I am Love, Peace and Joy in your times of darkness, in your times of sorrow.  I have always loved you.  Do you remember, I died for you.

Come, Come to the Tabernacle so that I can teach you Who I am.”

(From Queen of All Hearts Magazine March-April 2005 by Karen Marzovilla, S.F.O.)




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