That We Might Thirst To Know Him and To Weep With Him

“Jesus speaks:

Lanciano miracle

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Blessed are those who by penetrating the secrets of My intimate passion thirst to know Me. I reveal them only to My friends, faithful lovers of My Heart. Listen to Me: the drops of blood which drench My altar are the tears of My soul betrayed and wounded by ungrateful ones!

I have molded their souls by My wisdom.

I have embellished them with My beauty.

I have nourished them with My flesh.

I have sheltered them in the depths of My Heart.

I have surrounded them with My angels.

I have enriched them with My treasures.

I have confided My secrets to them.

I have entrusted them to My Own Mother.

I have promised them an eternal heaven.

And all this at the price of infinite pain and infinite love!

Where are they, all My well-loved children, where are they?

Cowardice has done its work, sad to say; weakness has carried them down the slippery path of evil; passion has increased the distance, and finally, neglect and ingratitude have completed the work of darkness and of death.

Weep with Me, My faithful friends, My apostles. The  ungrateful have forgotten Me; they have departed, bearing the sting of remorse. But, today, many of them sing and  laugh in the revelry of a corrupt world. I, Jesus, do not count with them any longer.

Unfortunately, there is still worse: many have become wretched apostates, who have nothing but hatred for Me. They have betrayed Me for a creature, for they have preferred to Me wealth, pleasures, a position. Things which will be changed tomorrow into a handful of ashes in a tomb. Then there will be the hour of terrible and eternal justice! And those who act this way are My children, brought to life by My power and My Blood. 0 what sorrow to see My children blush today at My crib, My Cross, My altar!

Having loved them so tenderly, I now see them throwing in My face the ignominy with which I would cover Myself that I might fill them with glory!

My fervent friends, zealous apostles, weep with Me!    In your own home, at your own hearth, is there not one of those ungrateful ones? Perhaps it is a son, a daughter, a brother, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother who is very far from the altar of their first Communion. The Holy Hour is an act of reparation    for their sins, and will be the beginning of their salvation. Courage! Let us, save those dear ones in spite of themselves. And as they do not weep, let us weep in their stead; let us pray for them.”

(From Twenty Holy Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.)

Author: mseagrif

My vocation as a Lay Dominican created an insatiable desire to learn, study, live and share my Faith. For more than ten years I led a Prison Ministry program and have spent more than a decade promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Now retired, I aspire to promote zeal for the salvation of souls, awe and amazement for the Holy Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration, and fidelity to the Truths of our Catholic Faith.

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