New Liturgical Movement: Priestly Preparation Before Mass and Thanksgiving After Mass

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This is an important article that should be read by everyone, clerics and lay people. The idea of “thanksgiving after Mass” seems to be almost completely gone from our Catholic worshipers. As soon as Mass ends, almost everyone flies out the exits or stands around and gabs about worldly stuff. Wouldn’t it be better to sit in prayer for a few minutes to thank the Lord for the great Gift of the Eucharist? The Saints have said that the Body and Blood of Christ stays in us for 15  minutes after receiving Him. What happened to our Faith and why has it been watered down to this? Here’s an excerpt, but please read the whole article to understand why we need to pray, pray, pray!

Let us take as our point of departure a marvelous line in the Code of Canon Law.Canon 909 reads: “A priest is not to omit dutifully to…

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