Why? Where? – Some Challenging Thoughts On the Eucharist Today

Why Lord do I not leap for joy whenever I am in Your Presence as St. John the Baptist did while in the womb of his mother Elizabeth?

Why do I sometimes take Your Presence in the Eucharist for granted?

Where is the awe and amazement that should overcome me whenever You are placed on my tongue?

Where are the tears of joy and gratitude that should freely flow from the eyes of such an unworthy recipient of Love Himself as You penetrate and saturate every cell of this earthen vessel with Your Sacred Blood?

crying imge(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Why do I ever allow myself to be distracted by anyone or anything else during these intimate moments with You?

Why do I sometimes unconsciously thwart and impede the graces You intend to shower upon me as You and I are physically united?

Why am I so often in a rush to leave Church and abruptly end our intimate visit?

Why Lord do I fail to love You as much as You love me?


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