Through My Fault

Chapel doors“But I hear You complain, O my Sacramental Jesus:  I was a stranger, and you took Me not in (Matt. xxv. 43); that You came on earth to be our guest for our good, and that we have not welcomed You.

You are right, Lord, You are right; and I am one of these ungrateful creatures who have left You alone, without even visiting You. Chastise me as You please; but not by depriving me of Your presence, which is the chastisement I deserve.

No, I will repair my fault, and the indignities which I have heaped upon You.

From this day forward I will not only visit You often, but will remain with You for as long a time as I can.”

(St. Alphonsus Liguori)

Let this be our prayer: Open our ears Lord that we might hear and the doors to our hearts that we might respond!

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