Still Does Not Make Sense To Me!

Icon-boxing-gloves[This is a slightly revised post that first ran a  few years back on Harvesting The Fruits of Contemplation]

[Today] in a small upstate Village in New York State, thousands of adoring and appreciative boxing fans will come out to cheer and pay tribute to several boxing legends who will process and parade through the Village’s streets.

Months of preparation went into this annual event. Many came several hours before the parade began in order to stake claim to prime viewing positions. This weekend event attracts national television and media coverage, as well as visitors from all parts of this nation and even from some foreign countries – assembled to publicly honor and pay homage to men and women who made a living by physically pummeling each other. They certainly have the right to do so.

This acclaimed group of human celebrities will parade right past the local Catholic Church, where the onlyTabernacle (2)-002 Divine Person deserving of such public acclamation and worship remained locked in a tabernacle, ignored, unappreciated and alone – save for the single soul so faithfully present in its Adoration Chapel.

Last week we Catholics celebrated the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were and have been encouraged for centuries to take Him out of the locked tabernacles in our churches on this feast day and to honor and adore the King of King and Lord of Lords, by publicly processing and carrying Him onto and over the streets of our cities, towns and villages. Few, so very few, parishes were or have been willing to do so. How can that be?

I guess we value those who punch each other with their hands more than He Who allowed Himself to be pummeled, crucified and killed out of love for us.

Doesn’t seem right to me.


[Source of Boxing Glove Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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