Praying Properly

Tabernacle Oslo Cathedral

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“There is no need for many words in order that we may pray properly. By faith we believe that there, in the Sacred tabernacle, the good God is present. We open our hearts to Him. We rejoice that He has admitted us into His Presence. This is the best method of prayer.”

St. John Marie Vianney

Do Not Look For Excuses

“Do not look for other excuses. Try it, and find out by your own experience. Do not wait until tomorrow. Today, go and spend a few moments with Jesus, whether He is within the tabernacle or exposed in the monstrance.

Tabernacle cropped

Let your weary and wounded heart be penetrated by the peaceful atmosphere of the  sanctuary and your soul be bathed in the light streaming forth from the Eucharistic Sun.

And, tomorrow, I am sure, you will return.”

(From The Holy Eucharist – Father Jose Guadalupe Trevino)

What Shall I Answer?

Sacred Heart (6)

“What shall I answer if I have not responded to the love of Jesus – and not given Him the whole love of my heart – and not spent myself for Him Who loved me unto death, even unto the death of the Cross? What shall I answer when  I find out that throughout my life, every hour of the day and night, Jesus was for me imprisoned in the tabernacle, pleading for me with the Father – wishing for me to visit Him, to unite Himself to me, and to be my faithful, my own God?”

(From Meditation on the Passion by A Mistress of Novices of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin  Mary )

Only The Lowly Of Heart Can Understand


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“I love silence – look at My sacramental life – and I love those who follow Me into the silence of My Eucharistic presence. The Eucharist is the most silent of the sacraments. Once the words of consecration are spoken, I am present, and My presence is wrapped in a profound silence. I am silent in the Sacrament of My love because there I am humble. There I lower Myself to live hidden, and often forgotten, in a silence  that only the lowly of heart can understand.”

(From In Senu Jesus-When Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of  Priest at Prayer)

Where Are The Crowds?


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“Dearest Lord, one would have expected You to be in such request upon the altar; expected that there would be crowding and crushing in Your Presence as in the days of Your earthly life; that we should be see flocking to You, and to pour out our troubles into Your willing ear. Where is our faith to leave You thus deserted?”

(Mother Mary Loyola from Coram  Sanctissimo – Before the Most Holy)

Love Me As I Love You!


“I am your God, beloved soul, and you are only a poor, guilty creature. And yet it is for a pitiable being, like you, only for you, that I dwell in this Host! Then give Me at last your sadly profaned heart; give it to Me in exchange for Mine. Love Me as I love you!”

(From Twenty Holy Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.)

He Calls, Bids and Promises

Altar from left

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“He it is Whom we find waiting for us when our turn comes to pass across the short stage of life on earth. He calls us to Him, calls us by our name, one by one. He bids us take Him to our hearts as the nearest and dearest of our friends, Who alone can stand by us when all others fail. He bids us cultivate His friendship, and try it and prove it. And He promises that we shall find Him what all have found Him who have put their trust in Him — what Martha and Mary, and Paul and Bernard, and Teresa and Margaret Mary have found Him — the ‘Faithful and True,’ ‘Jesus Christ yesterday, and today; and the same forever’.”

(From Coram Sanctissimo by Mother Mary Loyola)