Leave Your Soul In His Hand

“If among those who read these words there be anyone suffering from painful, inexplicable feelings of which bind the soul, oppressing it and spreading over it profoundest darkness, if there be any one weighted down by weariness or dreadful temptations who feel that they are losing everything – Faith, Love, and Hope – that God Himself seems to be turning from them, that Heaven is closed to them and that death is in their souls, I implore you come to the Host. Throw yourself at His feet and cry out to him, “I have none but You, save me by Your love and by the Wound of your Heart.”


(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Then abandon yourself to Him, Leave your soul in His hands, as the Canaanite woman confided to Christ her daughter who was possessed of an evil spirit…In His name I say to you: “No, you will not perish…” Never during His mortal life nor in His sacramental state has Jesus repulsed or abandoned anyone who had recourse to Him.

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