His Secret!

“And now listen, here is a secret, My secret: You who long for happiness, love Me! Tell Me all your troubles: yesterday’s griefs, today’s anguish, and the trials of the future.


Confide all your treasures, your hearts, your little ones, and especially your hope for the return of those gone away, to Me. Confide everything to Me. Keep My secret of unalterable peace: love Me with an immense love.”

(From Twenty Holy Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey)

Love Me As I Love You!


“I am your God, beloved soul, and you are only a poor, guilty creature. And yet it is for a pitiable being, like you, only for you, that I dwell in this Host! Then give Me at last your sadly profaned heart; give it to Me in exchange for Mine. Love Me as I love you!”

(From Twenty Holy Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.)

That We Might Thirst To Know Him and To Weep With Him

“Jesus speaks:

Lanciano miracle

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Blessed are those who by penetrating the secrets of My intimate passion thirst to know Me. I reveal them only to My friends, faithful lovers of My Heart. Listen to Me: the drops of blood which drench My altar are the tears of My soul betrayed and wounded by ungrateful ones!

I have molded their souls by My wisdom.

I have embellished them with My beauty.

I have nourished them with My flesh.

I have sheltered them in the depths of My Heart.

I have surrounded them with My angels.

I have enriched them with My treasures.

I have confided My secrets to them.

I have entrusted them to My Own Mother.

I have promised them an eternal heaven.

And all this at the price of infinite pain and infinite love!

Where are they, all My well-loved children, where are they?

Cowardice has done its work, sad to say; weakness has carried them down the slippery path of evil; passion has increased the distance, and finally, neglect and ingratitude have completed the work of darkness and of death.

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