Who Is There?


Let us remember that He Who is in the Host is the God Who made us, Who has given us everything, Who loves us and Who alone can understand the secrets of our hearts.

Christ the Second person of the Holy Trinity, Who became man.  born of the Virgin Mary, is present. The same Jesus Christ still is with us, really, truly and substantially. He will remain with us till the end of the world.

Jesus is in the Host because He loves us and could not leave us alone on earth, because He knows our miseries and wishes us to be able always to find therein the Heart of a friend, a Heart that will answer to ours…

(From My Eucharistic Day – Rules and Practices Recommend by St. Peter Julain Eymard)

The Presence of God

It cannot be over stressed that the presence of God in the soul by grace is a real and substantial presence. God is present in the tabernacle of the heart as really and truly and substantially as He is present in the tabernacle of the altar, although in a different manner.
Christ’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament is a priceless gift, a pledge and prelude of that glorious presence of the Incarnate Word which will be ours eternally in Heaven. But the external pres­ence is meant to lead us to and be fused with the presence of the Word of God within our souls. So it will be in Heaven. The Son of God will be present outside us in the reality of the human nature He has assumed, the peak and glory of creation; yet that same Son of God will dwell substantially within us according to His divine nature. One presence is not opposed to the other, but complements it. That will be self-evident in Heaven. But here too devotion to the Incarnate Word present on the altar is not a hindrance to devotion to the Word of God within me; quite the reverse. All Christian experi­ence goes to show that it nourishes it as nothing else can do. On the other hand, devotion to the Second Divine Person within me will urge me to seek Him also in the human nature which makes Him my brother and which faith tells me is truly present in the tabernacle.

He Calls, Bids and Promises

Altar from left

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“He it is Whom we find waiting for us when our turn comes to pass across the short stage of life on earth. He calls us to Him, calls us by our name, one by one. He bids us take Him to our hearts as the nearest and dearest of our friends, Who alone can stand by us when all others fail. He bids us cultivate His friendship, and try it and prove it. And He promises that we shall find Him what all have found Him who have put their trust in Him — what Martha and Mary, and Paul and Bernard, and Teresa and Margaret Mary have found Him — the ‘Faithful and True,’ ‘Jesus Christ yesterday, and today; and the same forever’.”

(From Coram Sanctissimo by Mother Mary Loyola)

Such Enormous Ingratitude

“And Jesus answering, said: ‘Were not ten [lepers] made clean? And where are the nine? Is there no one found to return and give glory to God, but this stranger?’

In the world, we cannot endure ingratitude. It is only when God is in question that we do not concern ourselves about being ungrateful.


This wonderful cure, this miracle, had been extended to ten persons, and of them all, one only was found who thanked his Benefactor.

Of all the benefits we have received from Jesus Christ, we cannot doubt that the Blessed Eucharist is one of the greatest: and even the greater part of the blessings we daily receive, are derived from the same source.

But who thinks of often thanking Jesus Christ for this great benefit? Who returns thanks to this loving Savior, Who, in abolishing all the other sacrifices, has left us a Victim that cannot but be pleasing to God, an offering equal to all the other benefits we have received from Him, and to those that we may ask of Him; a Host capable of cancelling all the sins of men ; a Host which is truly a sovereign remedy for all kinds of evil ; a tree of life that has  power to communicate to us, not only health, but even immortality?

So sinful a forgetfulness, such enormous ingratitude, touched the Heart of a Man-God, and shall it not move mine, even when I myself am of the number of these ungrateful wretches?”

(From Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Father John Croiset, S.J.)

Do You Understand How He Feels?

[Imagine kneeling before a tabernacle and hearing Jesus say to you:]


I reside in tabernacles all over the world. I do this because I desire My children to have a living Christ in their midst. Such holiness is available to souls who visit and venerate Me in the Eucharist. I am the cure for every ill. I am the calm for every storm. I am the comfort for every sorrow. Because I intend to lead My children in a more enhanced way, I am going to show you the Life that is enclosed in each tabernacle. My dear ones, if you but knew the value of each and every visit that is made to Me here, there would be crowds all through every day and every night…

…I wish to teach you. Most of all, I wish to love you. Have you ever loved someone passionately, but been rejected? Was your love ever tossed casually back at you? If this has ever happened to you, then you understand how I feel. I am rejected by the majority of humanity. I gave My very life for this humanity, so that their sins would be overlooked and forgotten. Humanity, poor foolish humanity, flings this gift back at My feet, as if to say, “Your gift is worthless. It has no value anymore.” Dearest children, this is ignorance in some cases. Many of these children do not understand that the gift they toss aside is their eternity, their salvation.

(Excerpts from entries dated 8/12/2003 and 8/13/2003, Directions for Our Times (Vol. 2) Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, http://www.directionforourtimes.org  Used with permission)

Be Enflamed Without Being Consumed

Prayer of St. Simeon the Metaphrastes

O You who graciously give your flesh to me as food,
who are a fire consuming the unworthy:
consume me not, O my creator,

but rather pass through all the parts of my body,
into all my joints, my heart, my soul.

Burn, O Good Lord, the thorns of my transgressions,
cleanse my soul, and purify all my thoughts.
Ever shelter, guard, and keep me in your love.

Chasten me, purify me, control all my passions.
Adorn me, teach me, and enlighten me always.

Burning bush

                  (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Show me how to be a tabernacle of your Holy Spirit,
and in no wise the dwelling-place of sin,
so that from me, your habitation,
and because of the communion of your holy Mysteries,
every evil deed and passion may flee as from fire.

I bring to You all the saints,
especially your pure and most holy Mother
to intercede for me.

O my Christ and my God,
accept their prayers in my favor.
Make me your Child to be a child of light;

for You alone are the sanctification
and the splendor of my soul,
and to You, my God and my Master,
I shall give glory and honor
for ever and ever.  Amen.

“You have vouchsafed me, O Lord,
that this corruptible temple (my human flesh),
should be united to Your holy flesh,
that my blood should be mingled with yours.

“Therefore I am your transparent
and translucent member
I am transported out of myself.

“O Marvel!
I see myself such as I have become:
Fearful and, at the same time,
ashamed of myself;

“I venerate you and I fear you,
And I know not where to shelter
now how to use these new,
dreadful and divinized members …

“I who am but straw,
receive the fire and I am enflamed
without being consumed,
as of old the burning bush of Moses.”

(St. Simeon the New Theologian as cited by Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament)

Enjoy Paradise Now!

Life, long or short, is a journey towards Paradise; there is our fatherland, there is our real home; there is our appointment!

Jesus is waiting for us in Paradise! Never forget this supreme and consoling truth.


(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

And what is Holy Communion but an anticipation of Paradise? In fact, in the Eucharist it is Jesus Himself Who is waiting for us and Whom we will meet one day openly in Heaven.

Receive Jesus often in order never to forget Paradise, be always on the march towards the house of the Heavenly Father, to enjoy Paradise a little already!

St. John Paul II, Corpus Christi, June 14, 1979

Divine Guest of the Tabernacle

Tabernacle gold

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Frequently, only silence can express my prayer; however, this divine Guest of the Tabernacle understands all, even the silence of a child’s soul filled with gratitude!…

When I am before the Tabernacle, I can say only one thing to Our Lord: “My God, you know that I lover You.’ And I feel my prayer does not tire Jesus; knowing the helplessness of His poor little spouse, He is content with her good will.”

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Corpus Christi Reflection

Monstrance Adoration

In 1978, the late St. John Paul II urged all parishes throughout the world to institute Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  Five years later, in his encyclical, Ecclesia de Eucharistia, he reminded all Catholics that the Eucharist is the greatest gift Jesus left His Church.

As Catholics, we believe that JESUS is really, truly and substantially present in the Eucharist – just as when He walked on this earth.  He is present in our tabernacles. He is present in our Adoration Chapels and He is present in the Sacred Host when it is placed on our tongues.

There could be no more appropriate time than today to reflect on the significance of the Eucharist and our response to this great Gift.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you could hardly wait to hear from them, to speak with them and to see them – only to have that person not love you in return?  How often have you looked forward to a visit from a close friend or family member only to have that person spend little or no time talking to you?  I dare say all of us sometime in our lifetimes have had such experiences.  How hurt we felt when we were ignored and not loved in return.

Imagine How God – WHO IS LOVE – WHO LOVES US MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE – feels when we fail to demonstrate our love for Him?  He waits here hour after hour, day after day, 168 hours a week, just to hear our voices and to see our faces.

Come.  Visit Him.  Speak to Him!  He especially wants us to spend time in His Presence when we are hurting, dealing with pain and suffering, fear and anxiety.

Too often we try to deal with these problems alone.  We forget that Jesus told us:


So this Corpus Christi weekend, would you prayerfully consider doing the following: Resolve to spend more time before Mass and after receiving Communion talking to Jesus; make a visit before the Blessed Sacrament sometime between now and next Sunday; and ask Jesus to increase your belief and reverence in and for His Real Presence, and consider committing to an hour of Adoration each week.