[Imagine Jesus saying these words to you:]


“…the world considers it just and reasonable that you should spend long hours in social duties, in the exchange of visits, in maintaining friendly relations. It is often done unwillingly, nevertheless it is done.

But if I ask for more frequent daily Mass and Communions, more fervent visits to Me in the Sacrament of My love, some moments of prayer in the sanctuary of My home, My most fervent pleadings are considered absurd requests. A God does not have this right. I, alone, am always the Fool!

(From Twenty Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC)

What Shall I Answer?

Sacred Heart (6)

“What shall I answer if I have not responded to the love of Jesus – and not given Him the whole love of my heart – and not spent myself for Him Who loved me unto death, even unto the death of the Cross? What shall I answer when  I find out that throughout my life, every hour of the day and night, Jesus was for me imprisoned in the tabernacle, pleading for me with the Father – wishing for me to visit Him, to unite Himself to me, and to be my faithful, my own God?”

(From Meditation on the Passion by A Mistress of Novices of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin  Mary )

This Is No Way to Treat the Savior of the World Whose Birth We Are About to Celebrate

“In the early days of the Church, Christians risked their lives just to attend Mass and to receive Holy Communion. Today, the majority does not attend Sunday Mass.  Rarely do they or the thousands who only come on Christmas and/or Easter hear of the eternal consequences for skipping Mass.  In some places, it is more important not to offend their “feelings” than to evidence zeal for the salvation of their souls.


Photo©Michael Seagriff

Among those Catholics who do attend Sunday Mass, a majority no longer believes in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist they receive or in the Sacred hosts reserved in their Church’s tabernacles. The prayerful and reverent silence evidencing such a belief is often missing. Many ignore He Who is Love to engage in inane chatter on topics more appropriately discussed at social and sporting events. Some remove our Lord out of bowls as if He were a potato chip and not the Son of God. The actions and demeanor of these individuals are inconsistent with one who professes to believe that Jesus Christ is really and truly present on the altar and in their hands.

(From Forgotten Truths To Set Faith Afire! Words to Challenge, Inspire and Instruct)

What Is Impossible For One Man to Accomplish By Himself Becomes Entirely Possible With Your Help!


At the end of this post, I am going to ask you to help get the poignant reflection of Father Mark set forth below into the hands of every Bishop and priest in this country. We can do it!

But first I want to share a few thoughts that have long been embedded in my heart.


 That which is most essential for our sanctification and salvation is that which we most frequently ignore  – The Eucharist.

The late Apostle of the Eucharist, Father John Hardon, S.J., realized “that everything, everything, quote EVERTHING of our faith (indeed the virtue of faith itself) depends on our faith in God being really present with us today in both His human and Divine nature, united in His Divine Person in the Holy Eucharist”.

The time for mincing words is over. Current polls, as well as what we observe with our own eyes, make it clear that a majority (an overwhelming majority of those identifying themselves as Catholic, perhaps as much as 80 percent, including 80 percent of those few Catholics who bother attending Sunday Mass) no longer believe that our Lord is really, truly and substantially present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. The sad but truthful reality is that in far too many of our churches we have lost the sense of the sacred and an appreciation for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that are essential for fostering and maintaining a belief in the Real Presence.

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That We Might Thirst To Know Him and To Weep With Him

“Jesus speaks:

Lanciano miracle

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Blessed are those who by penetrating the secrets of My intimate passion thirst to know Me. I reveal them only to My friends, faithful lovers of My Heart. Listen to Me: the drops of blood which drench My altar are the tears of My soul betrayed and wounded by ungrateful ones!

I have molded their souls by My wisdom.

I have embellished them with My beauty.

I have nourished them with My flesh.

I have sheltered them in the depths of My Heart.

I have surrounded them with My angels.

I have enriched them with My treasures.

I have confided My secrets to them.

I have entrusted them to My Own Mother.

I have promised them an eternal heaven.

And all this at the price of infinite pain and infinite love!

Where are they, all My well-loved children, where are they?

Cowardice has done its work, sad to say; weakness has carried them down the slippery path of evil; passion has increased the distance, and finally, neglect and ingratitude have completed the work of darkness and of death.

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The Greatest Of All Mysteries

Adoration chapel.newer“There is a mystery, the greatest of all mysteries – not that my adored Lord is in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar – His word has said it, and what is so simple as to take that word, which is true to itself? – but that souls of His own creation, whom He gave His life to save, who are endowed with His choicest gifts in all things else, should remain blind, insensible, and deprived of that light without which every other blessing is unavailing!”

(St. Elizabeth Ann Seton from – Life of Mrs. Eliza A. Seton: Founder and First Superior of the Sisters of Charity)