Where and Why?

Tabernacle Cathedral at Oslo

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“Where are my priests? Why am I left alone in thousands of tabernacles all over the world? Why do so many of My priests rush by Me, never stopping to linger in the healing and strengthening radiance of My Eucharistic Face? Why are so many of My priests indifferent to the friendship I hold in reserve for them in the Sacrament that I instituted in order to be close to them and have them close to Me?”

(From In Sinu Jesu)

Only The Lowly Of Heart Can Understand


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“I love silence – look at My sacramental life – and I love those who follow Me into the silence of My Eucharistic presence. The Eucharist is the most silent of the sacraments. Once the words of consecration are spoken, I am present, and My presence is wrapped in a profound silence. I am silent in the Sacrament of My love because there I am humble. There I lower Myself to live hidden, and often forgotten, in a silence  that only the lowly of heart can understand.”

(From In Senu Jesus-When Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of  Priest at Prayer)

Jesus Waits For His Priests


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“I long for the adoration of My priests. I see other adorers before My Face and I rejoice in their presence, and I bless them with the tenderness of My Eucharistic Heart. But I look for My priests. Where are they? Why are they not the first to seek Me out in the Sacrament of My love and the last to leave Me at the close of the day? Even in the night I wait for for them. In the night hours it is possible to have an intimacy with Me that one cannot experience at other times. I wait for My priests. …I want My priests to come to Me, and I will draw them, one by one, into the radiance of My Eucharistic face. There I will refresh them and give them the choices gifts of My Heart.”

(From In Senu JesuWhen Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of a Priest at Prayer)

Allow Him To Lead and Instruct You

Adore Me always and in all places by a simple movement of your heart. Consider that wherever you are, I see you and know your heart’s desire.

Adoration chapel

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Desire to adore Me always, and know that I accept that desire of yours with great delight. Come to Me as frequently as you can. Use every opportunity to come before Me in the Sacrament of My Love. There is no need to calculate the length of time you give Me in the course of a day. If your heart is always in a state of adoration, you will find your way to My tabernacle frequently and you will abide in My presence willingly and gratefully.

Allow Me to lead you and instruct you in the life of adoration to which I have called you. The Holy Spirit will be your infallible guide and the teacher of your adoration.

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