When You Approach The Altar – Remember

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“…the one whom we receive is Jesus who was born of Mary, who lived in Nazareth, who preached to the Jews of Palestine. This is the Good Samaritan; this is He who healed the sick, delivered Mary Magdalene from the devil, raised Lazarus from the dead. This is He Who, wearied, slept in the boat; this is He who was crucified on Calvary, who rose, glorious, from the tomb; this is the mysterious pilgrim on the road to Emmaus who made Himself recognized ‘in the breaking of the bread; this is He Who ascended to heaven, to the right hand of the Father; this is the Eternal High Priest, ever living, who never ceases to pray for us.”

(From Christ in His Mysteries by Blessed Columba Marmion)

He Stooped So Low

“For One in such a lofty position to stoop so low is a marvel that is staggering. What sublime humility and humble sublimeness, that the Lord of the Universe, the Divine Son of God, should stoop as to hide Himself under the appearance of bread for our salvation!

Monstrance art

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Behold the humble way of God, my brothers. Therefore, do not hold yourselves to be anything of yourselves, so that you may be entirely acceptable to One Who gives Himself entirely to you.”

(St. Francis of Assisi)

Lasting Embrace

Jesus embracing St. Bernard

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“Come to the foot of my tabernacle and, far from the impure and degraded world, breathe in an atmosphere of purity. Come and eat My Body and drink My Blood, and I shall live within your heart, and My arms shall enfold you in an embrace which it depends on your free will to make last till the eternal embrace in heaven.”

(From The Holy Eucharist by Father Jose Guadalupe Trevino)


elevated host-001
O my God
As you have given yourself to me
Now let me give myself to Thee
I give you my body that it may be chaste and pure
I give you my soul that it may be free from sin
I give you my heart that it may always love you
I give you every breath that I shall breathe
And especially my last
I give you myself in life and in death
That I may be Thine forever and ever

Merry Christmas to Jesus – The Bread of Life

“You want to progress without Communion? But Christian tradition is against you! No longer say the Our Father, since you ask in that prayer for your daily Bread, the Bread you think to do without!


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Without Communion, one is constantly in the heat of the battle. One knows only the difficulties in the acquisition of virtue, not the sweetness of its practice – the joy of working, not simply for oneself and moved solely by the hope of reward, but purely for the glory of God, from love of Him, from affec­tion, like little children. He who receives Communion finds it easy to understand that having received much, he must give a great deal in return. That is piety – intelligent, filial, and lov­ing piety. Besides, even in the severest trials, Communion makes the soul happy, filling it with a tender and loving joy.

The height of perfection is to remain united with God in the midst of the most violent interior temptations, and it is when you are most tempted that God most loves you. Yet, in order that these storms may not overwhelm you, learn to re­turn frequently to the divine fountainhead to renew your strength and to purify yourself more and more in that torrent of grace and love.

Receive Communion therefore! Eat the Bread of Life if you wish to live well, if you wish to obtain sufficient strength for the Christian combat, if you wish to possess happiness even in the thick of misfortune.

The Holy Eucharist is the Bread of the weak and of the strong. To the weak, clearly, it is necessary; but to the strong likewise, since they bear their treasure in fragile vessels and are threatened on every hand by desperate enemies. Let us, then, take care that we have a guard, a sure escort, fortifying food for our journey; thus will Jesus be, our Bread of Life.”

(St. Peter Julian Eymard from How To Get More Out of Holy Communion)

Cling To Him

Tabernacle with lamp

If you would become all that God intended you to be, if you would have life and success in life, if you would have love and not love’s base counterfeit, you will enter into a union with God as intimate and as vital as that which exists between a mother and the babe in her womb; in very brief, you will cling to Jesus Christ in Holy Communion! He is your only hope for success, your only means to sanctification, your one true life and real love. Cling to Him…”

(From A Trappist Asks Do You Want Life and Love?)