Waiting For The Company of Even One Priest

Imagine the pain our Lord suffers every day because of those priests who ignore Him and flee from His company.

No need to imagine. 

Read, ponder and share this post from Father Mark on Vultus Christi. These powerful words are taken from In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest, and are set forth below with his permission.

Have the courage to share this reflection with your pastor and priests. Pray for and support your priests!

[Please consider supporting the work of Father Mark’s community, the Benediction Monks of Perpetual Adoration, whose charism is to pray for the sanctification of all priests.]

Waiting For the Company of Even One Priest

 You are always welcome in My presence.

I long to receive you and to keep you close to Me.

This is your vocation, priest-adorer.
Respond to the call of My Heart.
Adore Me for your brother priests who forget that I wait for them in the Sacrament of My Love.

Seek Me out for them and in their name
and I will bless both you and them. 

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Christ Waits For His Priests

Monstrance Vultus Christi

(Image Source: Vultus Christi)

I long to see them enter my sanctuary
and approach the tabernacle of my abiding presence.

I wait for them
in the Sacrament that I left for their sakes
as the expression of my Divine Friendship for my priests,
as their consolation in loneliness,
their strength in weakness,
their sweetness in life’s bitterness.
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Left Alone

“Why art Thou left alone in this Most Holy Sacrament? Where are Thy adorers and Thy friends?


Has Thy Church failed to announce Thy Gospel to the world, and to make Thy presence known? Why art Thou so ignored, forsaken, and left alone in Thy tabernacles, without honor and with no one to thank Thee for the gift of Thy Real Presence? Why is the world kept in the dark concerning Thee in this Most Holy Sacrament, when Thou art all that this world needs, and all that souls desire?”

                (From Father Mark, Vultus ChristiThursday of Adoration and Reparation for Priests)