I Am Here!

You can feel Him…O yes, here you can feel God…you can inhale and breathe Him, filling this humble cenacle of the earth, impregnating the atmosphere with celestial perfume. This tabernacle bears the fragrance of Jesus; one enters here as if entering Jesus’ innermost being; with that same respect… that same confidence… that same love. The light, the warmth, the fire of the Eucharistic Jesus fills everything, and thus, in this beloved enclosure, the thorns are roses… sacrifice is not felt… pain and martyrdom are sweet because they are suffered for His sake and in His intimacy.

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)


If the altar is poor, Jesus is its richness… its most delicate embellishment. Without being fully aware of it, one enters into profound concentration and prayer because one leaves earthly things at the door, and the soul is engulfed in the possession of its Beloved.

He Is…He Calls Forth…He Gives…

Monstrance Adoration

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“He is my only thought, my memory, my Paradise, my Heaven on earth! He is my Eucharist, my ideal, my very breath, my good and my drink! He is melodious music to me, sweetness itself, the nectar and scent of my soul, my strength, my delight, my measure, my desire! He calls forth my love in deifying me. He gives me life while taking it away. He sets my heart on fire, inflaming it with his glances . . . his beauty . . . his smiles . . . his love.”

(Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, Servant of God)