Be Truly Thankful and Grateful


“After Communion, one should spend at least a quarter of an hour in thanksgiving. This is the most precious time of our life since Jesus Christ really present in us is pleased to fill us, out of unequaled generosity, with His benefits and His virtues. We would show a lack of reverence and acquire guilt for shameless ingratitude were we to occupy our mind, our heart, or our senses with something irrelevant. It is appropriate especially to formulate prayers of gratitude, adoration, offering and petition.”

(Blessed Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P. from Instructions For Novices)

How Would We Behave?


(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

On this earth, when we receive an important person, we bring out the best – lights, music, formal dress. How should we prepare to receive Christ into our soul? Have we ever thought how we would behave if we could only receive Him once in a lifetime?

(St. Josemaria Escriva from Christ is Passing By)

I Was Nothing


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“I was nothing, and of this nothing, Jesus has made something great…It is because through Holy Communion I partake of the Godhead in some way. Jesus gives me His Heart, I am thus linked closely with Him, spouse of Jesus, friend of Jesus, that is to say another Jesus.”


(Sister Marie-Bernard from My Daily Eucharist II)

Don’t Die Of Hunger!

“…Jesus has been the Bread of life for so many centuries, and yet during all those centuries countless souls have died of hunger. Many never knew Him, many never saw Him again once the day of their First Holy Communion was over. Even now there are many who are at once sick and tired of it, not to say disgustelevated host-001ed, when you begin to speak to Him; many only then make up their minds to receive Him when a threatening voice speaks within them and fills them with fear…So there He is, the God who has loved them from all eternity and Who ceases not to love them now; and He must look upon them while they waste away and die of hunger. He can do nothing for them; their sad indifference repels Him when He would approach, bind those divine hands that would bless and do good. The Savior without souls! Poor Jesus!”

(From Eucharistic Whisperings by Father Winfrid Herbst, S.D.S.)