Come My Jesus

Come, O Thou Divine food, and nourish my hungry soul. Come, furnace of charity, and kindle me; come flaming fire of love, inflame me by Thy flames. Come, heavenly for Thou has wounded me with love; come, delay not, for my heart is failing, and I feel that life would not be life without Thee. Arise for pity, O my Jesus, and come.

St. Leonard of Port Maurice from The Hidden Treasure)

Put Yourself In His Presence

“Whenever I go to the chapel, I put myself in the presence of our good Lord, and I say to Him, ‘Lord, here I am. Tell me what You would have me do.’

If He gives me some task, I am content and I thank Him. If He gives me nothing, I still thank Him since I do not deserve to receive anything more than that.

And then, I tell God everything that is in my heart. I tell Him about my pains and my joys, and then I listen.

If you listen, God will also speak to you, for with the good Lord, you have to both speak and listen. God always speaks to you when you approach Him plainly and simply.”

St. Catherine Laboure

What Is Necessary

“The Eucharist is, as it were, the manna that feeds us in our destitution in the desert, giving us just what is necessary – neither more nor less – day by day.”

(Father Jacques Philippe from Fire & Light – Learning to Receive the Gift of God)

Hide Yourself In Me – Part II

“Do you accept to be separated from those whom you love from those who know you and from those who love you in order to lose all save Me and My love?

Yes, Lord Jesus I consent to lose all save Thee for in possessing Thee I will lose nothing and in loving Thee I will be loved by Thee and in that Love find perfect happiness and the grace to love others as Thou hast loved me.

Do you accept to disappear from the eyes of the world and to live hidden in Me as I am hidden in My tabernacles?

Yes, Lord Jesus, I accept the hidden Eucharistic life to which Thou callest me and I desire nothing else.

Know then that today I accept your “Yes” to My plans for you. Because you have given your consent to Me, I give My consent to you. Live henceforth as My adorer hidden in Me and hidden with Me. Seek no other way of life. Your life is henceforth hidden with Me in the Sacrament of My Love and in the glory of the Father. I promise you joy in the secret of My Face and an unending sweetness that is the taste of the Hidden Manna, a sweetness not of this world, but of the next, a sweetness that I gave as a foretaste of heaven to those who drink the bitter chalice of My Eucharistic solitudes on earth. This is the perfection of the life to which I have called you. The time is short. Enter into the life I have prepared for you. Let go of all else. Our life is one: your life in Me and My life in you, in a mystery of hiddenness that glorifies My Father and builds up My Church.”

(Excerpt from Vultus Christi – Hide Yourself in Me)

Hide Yourself In Me

“I am a hidden God and those whom I call to adore Me must hide themselves in Me. becoming hidden from the eyes of the world, and hidden even from themselves, having a pure gaze upon Me alone, even as My pure filial gaze is fixed upon My Father in heaven.

Learn what it means to be hidden; it is to be free of preoccupation with yourself, with the opinions of others, and with what the world might say of you or Me. It is to live for Me alone even as I live for the Father.

Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the glory of My Father. Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the bright cloud of the Holy Spirit. Hide yourself in Me as I am hidden in the sacred specie. Hide yourself in My Heart as I am hidden in the tabernacles of the world, unseen,unknown, and forgotten by men.

I call you to this hidden life because I am the hidden God and because My Eucharistic life in your midst is a hidden life.

Those who would be my Adorers must consent to live in My tabernacle hidden with Me and, at the same time, loving as I love: loving the Father as I love Him, loving souls as I love them, suffering coldness, rejection,misunderstanding and abandonment with me and for Me…

Love My hiddeness and hide yourself in Me. Withdraw from all that solicits your attention, your energy, and your time into the secret of my Eucharistic Face. There will I show you how best to do the things I ask you to do. There I will give you a peace that no one will perturb or take way from you. There I will use you for the sanctification of My priests and for the consolation of my Church.

Do you want this?”

(To be continued)

(Excerpt from Vultus Christi – Hide Yourself in Me)

Our Neglect And Coldness

I should never cease to express my sorrow for the neglect and coldness which is shown to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. How great must be His love for us, since He does not become disgusted with so much ingratitude. People go to the trouble to see various objects of beauty, curiosity, or entertainment. Yet, here upon the altar is the grandest, greatest, most magnificent of all beings. How dull can the human mind be! How hard can the human heart become! This is our all-loving Savior, our God! In Him we live, and move, and exist. Truly, without Him we are nothing. In Him alone shall I find perfect peace and all-satisfying happiness.

(The Sacrifice of the Mass – Cardinal Giovanni Bona)

Our Best Friend

“Good friends find pleasure in one another’s company. Let us know pleasure in the company of our best Friend, a Friend who can do everything for us, a friend who loves us beyond measure. Here in the Blessed Sacrament we can talk to Him straight from the heart.”

(St. Alphonsus Liguori from Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Virgin Mary)

The Savior Without Souls

“..Jesus has been the Bread of life for so many centuries, and yet during all those centuries countless souls have died of hunger. Many never knew Him, many never saw Him again once the day of their First Holy Communion was over.

Even now there are many who are at once sick and tired of it, not to say disgusted, when you begin to speak to Him; many only then make up their minds to receive Him when a threatening voice speaks within them and fills them with fear…

So there He is, the God who has loved them from all eternity and Who ceases not to love them now; and He must look upon them while they waste away and die of hunger. He can do nothing for them; their sad indifference repels Him when He would approach, bind those divine hands that would bless and do good. The Savior without souls! Poor Jesus!”

(Rev. Father Winfrid Herbst, S.D.S, from Eucharistic Whisperings)