The Reverence Our Lord Deserves


One thought on “The Reverence Our Lord Deserves

  1. Michael, I came to the same realisation when on an 8 day retreat with the Jesuits in North Wales in 2011. I noted it in my journal at the time :-

    Here is the very Presence of God – in the Body of Jesus Christ,
    Lifted up for all to gaze upon.
    Raised on a throne of glass,
    This is, in a very real sense, The Throne Room of God.

    “Fall on your knees in adoration,
    prostrate yourself in total submission,
    and remove your shoes for
    ‘This is Holy Ground,
    You are standing on Holy Ground,
    For the Lord is here,
    And where He is, is Holy’ ”

    St Beuno’s


    Steve O’Sullivan

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